lymphatic health and well-being exercises

Move Lymph and De-stress

Looking for a way to de-stress and move lymph? The lymphoedema dance and  Robyn Gant’s  breathing exercises could be what you are looking for.

Robyn has found using de-stress breathing provides fast relief from stress and also helps the lymph move. This audio clip is a simple way to breath in order to quickly and easily accomplish a relaxed state and move your lymph in any situation.

Lymphatic Exercises 

Looking for a way to help move more lymph and have fun while doing it? Then lymphoedema dance is for you. These dances can be done by anyone that wants to move their lymph. The dances are safe for people with lymphoedema as they have been developed for lymphoedema. Please watch the videos below and have fun while effectively moving your lymph.

These exercise can be done everyday or before you normal gym routine to help move more lymph.

Post Lipo Lymph exercise that are safe for a BBL 

These lymph exercise are safe for someone that has had a brazilian butt lift and anyone that has had liposuction.