lymphatic health and well-being exercises

Move Lymph and De-stress

Looking for a way to de-stress and move lymph? The lymphoedema dance and  Robyn Gant’s  breathing exercises could be what you are looking for.

Robyn has found using de-stress breathing provides fast relief from stress and also helps the lymph move. This audio clip is a simple way to breath in order to quickly and easily accomplish a relaxed state and move your lymph in any situation.

Lymphatic Exercises 

Looking for a way to help move more lymph and have fun while doing it? Then lymphoedema dance is for you. These dances can be done by anyone that wants to move their lymph. The dances are safe for people with lymphoedema as they have been developed for lymphoedema. Please watch the videos below and have fun while effectively moving your lymph.

These exercise can be done everyday or before you normal gym routine to help move more lymph.

Post Lipo Lymph exercise that are safe for a BBL 

These lymph exercise are safe for someone that has had a brazilian butt lift and anyone that has had liposuction.

Bloating, joint pain, fatigue? A guide to lymphatic health The Sydney Morning Herald

The Sydney Morning Herald atrtical by Jessica Harris on July the 10th

lymphatic drainage massage was first promoted as a therapy in the ’30s by Dr Emil Vodder, a Dane who discovered that working on the swollen lymph nodes on the face and neck of his patients had a dramatic effect in decongesting the sinuses, eliminating inflammation, reducing headaches and even improving facial blemishes.

The lymphatic system also needs a little self-help to move in the right direction. “The lymphatic vessel walls contain smooth muscle tissue, which contract to push lymph fluid towards the lymph nodes,” explains Tom Cowan, an exercise physiologist.

“However, unlike the cardiovascular system for which the heart acts as the pump, the lymphatic system doesn’t have anything to push lymph fluid through the vessels.”By relying on nearby muscles to contract and pass the fluid along, Cowan says moving the body is vital. “Obesity has been linked to lymphatic dysfunction, so following a healthy diet and exercise plan is vital.”

Jules Willcocks, the co-founder of Body Ballancer Systems UK, whose specialist lymphatic massage system is used in outlets such as Harrods. Warns that ignoring our lymphatic wellbeing could lead to myriad problems. “Lifestyle causes such as stress, not enough exercise, dehydration and poor diet are just some of the reasons why your lymphatic system can become blocked or overrun. Add to this the exposure of pollutants and toxins that are part and parcel of modern human life and it’s easy to see why a system designed to manage mostly metabolic waste can easily be overburdened. This can then lead to swelling, cellulite, bloating, joint pain and fatigue and potentially put you at risk of serious disease.”

My Massage Clinic is OPEN- NSW Government-CORONAVIRUS UPDATE


Current as at: 14 April 2020 CORONAVIRUS UPDATE

The NSW State government has now made it clear as of the 14th of April that Remedial Massage is part of essential health services.  In this current environment this could change and the status will be checked every day and this page will reflect any new changes.

Hygiene is a top priority at the clinic.

Your therapist at My Massage Clinic Kara Martin has completed the Infection control training in relation to COVID-19 and has a Certificate of acknowledgement.

My massage clinic is using an Air Purifier with a microbe Shield that uses shortwave light to help target bacteria and viruses.

At my massage clinic all clients will be screened before booking and treatment, first over the phone and then in person.  All effort is being made to maintain absolute hygiene in the clinic. To ensure this, new practices are now implemented for the clinic and clients.

Hand sanitizer is at the reception desk and must be used by the client upon entry and I will be washing hands before and after every client as I normally do. There will also be a 30 minute gap between clients. This will be for cleaning and to reduce contact between clients.  There will be only one chair at reception.

Information taken from the NSW Government website:

Statement from The Australian Traditional-Medicine Society  -What you can and can’t do under the rules
The individual decision to practice remedial and therapeutic massage services is now a personal risk assessment. The personal risk assessment must follow all social distance requirements as far as practicable, infection control procedures and individual client screening. There are some premises, for example gyms, health studios, beauty salons and massage parlours that must stay closed. It follows therefore that remedial and therapeutic massage services have been relaxed when delivered in a clinic setting.
The personal risk assessment for remedial and therapeutic massage services should also be guided by the sensible restrictions in place for hairdressers: the 4 square metre rule applies within the premises and personal contact with the client should be minimised. A client should attend the clinic alone or with one other person.
ATMS also reads these new guidelines as relaxing ingestive practice in a clinic
setting. Audio-visual consultations can be offered, with consultations now within the same personal risk assessment for ingestive practice.
The relevant extracts for NSW practitioners are as follows.

Healthcare is OPEN
Clients / patients should call ahead if they are experiencing any COVID-19
symptoms or are feeling unwell.
• Chemist
• Doctors and medical centres
• Hospitals
• Pathology
• Physiotherapy
Remedial or therapeutic massage services

Personal services are CLOSED
• Massage parlours
• Nail, beauty, waxing and tanning salons
• Spas (including where they are part of a hotel)
• Tattoo parlours
• Strip clubs and sex services premises

Sport and recreation are CLOSED
• Indoor sporting events
• Local sporting competitions
• Public swimming pools
• Indoor recreation facilities (squash courts, indoor swimming pools, gyms,
table tennis centres, health studios, bowling alleys and ice rinks)
• Outside gym equipment in public places
• Outdoor playgrounds
• Skate parks