Will my health fund cover my massage treatment?

  • When you have health insurance that covers alternative medicine, then yes you can get a health fund rebate for Remedial Massage.

How much will my health fund cover for my remedial massage?

  • This will depend on the level of cover of your OWNpolicy, as each health fund is different and within the same fund you can have different levels of cover.
  • If you would like to check what is covered for Remedial Massage with your health fund, the item numbers to quote to them are: 105 (this is an initial consultation or a consultation over 30mins) and 205 (this is a standard consultation or a consultation under 30mins).

Cancellation Policy

  • Please arrive at least 5 minutes before your scheduled appointment in order to ensure a full massage session.
  • Cancellation with notice of 4 or more hours will not incur a cancellation fee.
  • Less than 4 hour notice cancellations will be charged 50% for the first time and 100% thereafter of the booked appointment price.
  • Changes made to your appointment, without 4 or more hours notice, will still incur the full booking fee.

When should I have a sports/remedial massage?

  • Anytime you feel the tightness in the muscles restricting your training or flexibility
  • When you are increasing your training for endurances or speed
  • When you are increasing your weights
  • Starting a new sport or returning to a sport after an absence

Will I be sore after a sports/remedial massage?

  • Some people can experience second and same day soreness after a firm massage as if they have gone to a gym. This is because a massage is trying to break down the fibrous knots in the muscles and the body can respond with inflammation giving the second day soreness. If you are sore for more than 2 days the massage was too hard.

How can I use massage to help my performance?

  • You should get a massage after training or an event, the cut off time for a remedial massage before an event is 4 days. Any closer to the
    event and the massage should be softer and only used to flush the blood through the muscles, and not to break down the knots.
  • Massage can help with your training by decreasing your recovery time.
  • If you are training for a triathlon/marathon/Ironman/ or a sporting event, massage should be done just before your rest day or on the rest
    day after exercise, never before.

What can I do to keep the benefits from a massage?

  • Stretch after the massage
  • Have a hot shower/bath that night (if having a bath put Epsom salt in the bath to aid in muscle relaxation)
  • Use a foam roller on quads/calves and ITB, and either tennis or small rubber ball on gluts and mid back to help keep the tension at bay
  • Do not train straight after a massage, wait until the next day in the afternoon
  • Don’t wait until your back is really bad to get another massage as you will always be starting as the first massage each time (need to eat?? into the principle of the knots, not the intersce?? that you add each day by your activities, and this is done by getting treatments closer together)

What injury can massage help?

  • Massage can help most soft tissue injuries
  • Massage can help bio-mechanical defects like a restriction in range of motion.

Will I be naked in the massage?

  • At all times the client will be covered with a towel, it is permissible to not wear underwear but you will be covered with a towel. At NO TIME will the breasts or genitals be exposed or massaged ever! (please look elsewhere if you want that kind of massage)