Pre and Post Surgery

Post Surgery Lymphatic drainage massage

Any surgical intervention, involves damage to tissue and tissue’s natural response to damage is swelling. This swelling can lead to pain and a reduction in healing time. A lymphatic drainage massage post surgical can help with pain reduction and increase healing by turning over, flushing the lymph to help reduce swelling and aid in healing. Any surgery that has swelling (like: liposuction, rhino plaster, eye lift, extensive dental work like root canal, wisdom tooth execration, bunions) can be helped with a lymphatic massage.

Pre Surgery Lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic drainage massage assist in healthy circulation of the lymph fluid. The healthier the circulation of lymphatic fluid is, the quicker the tissue can heal after damaged. So having a lymphatic drainage massage a week to no more then 4 days before the surgery, can help reduce recovery time. It is not advised to have a lymphatic drainage massage closer then 4 to 3 days prior to surgery, as this will have too much of a stimulation affect on the circulation and can cause the body to metabolize drugs quicker.