Sports Massage

Sports massage is a style of treatment that is tailored for the biomechanical load of the particular sport or sporting event. Due to this, the treatment is different for each person and each subsequent treatment. Sport massage can depend upon the level or stage of training the athlete is at i.e; pre-event, post-event, injury rehabilitation, during a building phase, maintenance phase, or in a tapered phase.

At My Massage Clinic a sports massage treatment is tailored, with all of this in mind, and utilises a variety of massage techniques to achieve the clients desired goal. A sports massage can also help to help minimise the damage that can occur with training, overuse and reduce wear and tear using a variety of massage techniques like;   Cupping, Trigger points, M.E.T, Direct Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue Massage,  Hot Stone Massage.

  • Conditions Sports Massage Can Help With
    • Improved Exercise Recovery.
    • Improved training volume and capacity.
    • Removal of toxins and waste products.
    • Increased circulation.
    • Injury prevention.
    • Improved flexibility and mobility.