Pregnancy Massage


At My Massage Clinic we understand that pregnancy can be a wondrous time in your life. However for some women it can also be stressful, and sometimes uncomfortable, as the body goes through extensive structural, muscular and hormonal changes for pregnancy.  Massage can help with the change in your gait, ROM (Range of motion), center of gravity shifts, high blood pressure, muscle aches and pains. Massage can also help with the mental stress, sleeplessness, anxiety and help lower the stress hormones throughout pregnancy.


Pregnancy massage is performed in a comfortable side lying position propped up with pillows. This position is used from the end of the first trimester onward.


Our policy for first trimester pregnancy massage is that a Doctor, OB/GYN or Midwife’s permission is needed to be given. This permission is also needed for all the trimesters if you are in a high risk pregnancy.  Please talk to your Doctor or OB/GYN before treatment to make sure that the treatment is not contraindicated for your pregnancy. If you are not in your first trimester or a high risk pregnancy, then a letter is not needed for the 2nd or 3rd trimesters.

What is Pregnancy Massage good for?

  • Assists relaxation for both mum and baby and encourages better sleep.
  • May help relieve feelings of depression, anxiety and nervousness caused by hormonal changes and therefore may ease the “emotional rollercoaster”.
  • Physically can assist in maintaining good posture by keeping the musculature in the best possible condition during each trimester.
  • Maintains muscle flexibility and alleviates soft tissue tension and muscle cramping.
  • Assists in relieving stress from weight bearing joints, such as ankles, hips, lower back and pelvis.
  • Can relieve headaches, stiff neck, backache, sciatica, sinus, oedema and sore feet.
  • Relieves tension in the sacral and pelvic areas and may assist in easier delivery.
  • May improve shortness of breath caused by the fetus crowding the lungs by relaxing the muscles around the rib cage.
  • Assists circulation and therefore delivery of nutrients and oxygen to mother and baby, resulting in a feeling of increased energy.
  • Combats muscle fatigue and puffiness by aiding elimination of waste products through the lymphatic system.

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