Remedial Massage

My Massage Clinic specialises in remedial hot stone massage. This remedial massage can incorporate any or all of the following techniques that are needed to alleviate the problem areas;   Cupping, Trigger points ,M.E.T, Direct Myofascial Release, combined with Hot Stone Massage.

This hot stone remedial massage utilises the heat from hot stones to release the knots, claim the afferent pain fibres, aid in relaxation and speed up recovery time. The stones are used to massage the body with light, medium and firm pressure. This helps to quickly warm up the muscles, help remove tension and thereby reducing the pain.

In your remedial massage treatment we focus on the causes of the musculoskeletal problems. One of the basic principles of remedial massage therapy is the understanding that everything in our bodies is closely connected and related. A pain symptom in one area may have a root cause in a completely different part of the body. This is why remedial massage focuses on the biomechanical function of the body or pain area as a whole, rather than simply relieving symptoms in one specific pain area. Remedial massage is a therapeutic treatment of the body that can help to repair damage to muscles, tendons, and joints from everyday or repetitive use.

How does remedial massage work?

Remedial massage works in a number of ways. Firstly it stimulates blood supply to the affected area, allowing toxins to be removed and speeding the general healing process. Secondly, normal muscle function can be restored by lengthening soft tissue that may have contracted due to overuse, repetitive movements, or due to periods of immobility such as being in a cast or sitting at your desk for extended periods of time. Remedial massage can also be effective in softening scar tissue, and calming the peripheral nervous system which in itself can reduce stress hormones, high blood pressure, pain levels, as well as tension and anxiety.

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