Direct Myofascial Release

Direct Myofascial Release technique is used in remedial and sports massage. This technique involves longitudinal tissue manipulation, to work with the restricted or tight myofascial tissue. Medium or firm sustained force is applied longitudinaly to help elongate a shortened muscle and is applied until the fascia adhesion is released on all levels.

This is achieved with applying a stretching force using fingers, knuckles, elbows, cold cups and hot rocks. The practitioner works to slowly stretch the tight fascia and release the adhesion of fascia tissue.

Self-Direct Release Myofascial 

You could have been doing this technique to yourself without realizing. The most common way to self direct release is using a foam roller.  The most common places to foam roll are the quadriceps, ITB, gluteus maximus, calfs, trapezius, rhomboids and the tightness in thoracic spine.

It is recommended to foam roll the next day or 2 days after the massage to keep the benefits or extent the benefits of the massage.

Currently at My Massage Clinic Indirect Release Myofascial Technique is not used. This is an extremely slow and gentler method, where the practitioner applies less pressure, for a few second (Bowen) or extended time (stretching); to encouraging the fascia to slowly ‘unwind’ itself or for it to give slowly under the therapist hands.