Chronic Fatigue

At My Massage Clinic Kara has trained in the Chikly lymphatic chronic fatigue protocol. This non-invasive protocol was develop by Dr Chikly in cooperation with Dr Perrin DO (UK). It was put together as a method for helping chronic fatigue syndrome  fibromyalgia (FM), Ms and chronic Neuroinflammations.

This technique can help with Chronic fatigue syndrome that includes fibromyalgia (FM), the chronic fatigue symptoms of multiple sclerosis (MS) and many cases of post-infectious chronic Neuroinflammations ie: (Epstein-Barr virus/ mononucleosis/ glandular fever) , shingles, Qfever and human herpesvlrus 6. The treatment helps to increase the blood flow in the cortical and midbrain,  as well as assisting the re-balancing of the  autonomic dysfunction and abnormal lymphatic flow.


The assessment will be done over the clothes looking at  6 specific key lesions. 3 in the front of the body, the hart, pancreas and superficial thorax drainage; plus 3 in the back of the body; hemi-sacrum, cranial membranes and brainstem.


This Treatment can be 90mins to 120mins long and  will be done over clothes on the massage table. It is a protocol that is a blend of Dr Chikly superficial and deep lymph, visceral and brain techniques. The treatment will need to be repeated up to 3 times then reassessed.

Dr Perrin approach was voted “the best manual technique for ME” by the members of the UK ME Association (2010) and “A cost effective way to diagnose ME” by the British Parliamentary Inquiry (2006) and  is revolutionizing the diagnostic and treatment of these conditions.  Dr Perrin’s points have been the subject of a preclinical study and are now under scientific investigation by the National Health Service (an equivalent of the US NIH) at Lancashire University, UK.