Kara has trained in the chiklyinstitute style of lymphatic drainage. One of the many helpful techniques in this style, is it’s anti-cellulite technique. This non invasive painless lymphatic technique helped with circulation and releasing the fibers that trap the fat in an orange peel texture. The first session which needs to be an hour, will consist of an assessment of the grade of the cellulite; grade 1,2 or 3. Optional a photo can be taken on your own phone to track the progress. The ┬áproblem area’s will be marked with wash off eyeliner. The first hour anti-cellulite treatment will, consist of drainage of the whole body and then anti-cellulite technique on the marked area and finishing with a final full body drainage.

The amounts of sessions needed and the lasting affects of this treatment can be different for each person, as everybody has different grades of cellulite and circulation conditions of the cellulite areas. Once the level of desired skin texture is obtained, maintenance is needed as the body can make new cellulite.

The maintenance to help keep the progress of the treatment is given as home work on the first session and is check at subsequent sessions. This homework is an express self lymphatic drainage protocol and the correct way to dry brush the skin.